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"How would you like to learn to play the guitar?"  With those words a thoughtful person started a lifetime of music and enjoyment.  Bluegrass Duets asks you that same question.  If you are inspired by the sound of a picked or strummed string you've found the right path to learn.  Everything you need, nothing you don't,  put in the correct order and reused to reinforce your skill set.  You'll enjoy each lesson, actually a song and use what you learn from it forever.


Started to fulfill a need, Bluegrass Duets is the music and course that was not to be found on the market.  Single books, a few songs not well written and not much about playing together.  So, a lifetimes work has been organized into a complete bluegrass banjo, guitar and mandolin experience.
Learn to read tablature, count musical timing, to play an alternating bass with runs guitar accompaniment.  If you are looking to play lead, Bluegrass Duets teaches three-finger (southern style) five-string banjo, crosspicking and flatpicking on both guitar and mandolin.
Currently, Bluegrass Duets is recording the sound tracks for the last four of eighteen books.  The leads in all these books are written to be easy to play while being bluegrass beautiful.  All that is learned from any of them applies to all of them and each one is complete with a guitar accompaniment.  No guess work!  All this work is written in tablature using the spaces of a standard five-line music staff.  Standard musical timing stems and measure line are used in all Bluegrass Duets publications and websites.
Designed to last forever, we think a better course will never be written.  We've 'human engineered' this entire course to be playable by the average person.  Until these instruments change or man's hand changes this course will be the standard.  Bold words,  What do you think?




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