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An understanding of 2/4th timing and an ability to read tablature are required to use this music.

 The purpose of this site is to put in one place many flatpicking songs that are in our opinion the easiest to play. With your success in mind and to that end we have made as few changes as possible to the original works. Many are old fiddle tunes from centuries ago. We have adhered to fundamental flatpicking techniques to create abstract versions of other songs that are very playable. A few skills + many songs = your success!

 We owe a great debt of gratitude to those who penned these melodies originally. Each title is an American lexicon in itself. Paying tribute to each author would create a great book in itself. We are sure you will recognize their work in each piece presented here.

 If the originals were flatpicked on a mandolin or guitar, we changed as little as possible, just enough to smooth out the picking hand work. Then, we wrote another piece for the other instrument, guitar or mandolin. If the originals were on other instruments or sung melodies we used basic flatpicking technique to create simple playable versions.

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